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STEP from the GROUND -UP: a 4 week integrated program for ages 7 and up with and without special needs to explore the horse with a PATH instructor,Equine professional, and or Therapist for a Psychosocial ,educational, and sensory experience Those who have suffered Trauma, PTSD  and social anxiety and or are training to volunteer or want to engage in Humane education with the horse  will find risk taking in a safe environment that incorporates horse-care and husbandry with equine activities from  grooming and leadership.This program sets the foundation for a lifelong bond with the horse as a teacher and friend and opens the door to future exploration and programs.OPEN to STEP Family & Friends.

STEP-UP COMMUNITY LESSONS:  Throughout the STEP program year  this 4 week integrated  program is for those able bodied and with special needs who are working on Riding skill acquisition in a therapeutic and/or  recreational experience with certified ,AHA, PATH and professional instructors. Weight restrictions apply for mounted activities. Advancement through to Independent riding and Showmanship. OPEN to STEP Family & Friends

CLASSICAL HIPPOTHERAPY: ages 2 and up offered in 4 week blocks in 10 sessions throughout the STEP program year for those who need Equine movement and sensory experience in a therapeutic treatment to improve physical, emotional psychosocial and speech language development. Implemented by AHA/ PATH and NY state licensed PT/OT speech/language and Psychologists with other professionals.

EQUINE EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: A 4 week LIFE skills course of barn management and horse care with focus on working towards employment while engaging with the horse and others. STEP staff PATH and equine professionals. Must be 10 yrs of age and Independent with supervision within the facility. Program is OPEN to STEP FAMILY Friends & VOLUNTEERS for introductory  training and  further orientation.

New program: PONY TALES!

A reading readiness and Equine sensory experience with your favorite horse or pony or mini beginning June ages 3 and up. Older children and teens will participate in HORSE TALES and engage in learning the skill and Art of writing for publication.All abilities in an integrated program.

HEARTS HOOVES & HEALING: 4 WEEK PROGRAM for VETERANS and those who are working with or recovering from anxiety,MS, PTSD, Cancer and other life changing events.Lead professionals appropriate to participants needs assigned to partner with participant with finding that horse connection with the right equine.


Fantastic Fitness over Fifty

Levels of Consciousness & Equine Relationship

Heart Horse & Grief

The Banana Workout & Getting Straight

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