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Meet the S.T.E.P. Team

Our team is made up of Physical and Occupational Therapists, Barn Staff, AdministrativeStaff,

and dedicated Volunteers who all possess a passion for equine therapy. 

Karen (Kay) Stanley-White, PT MSCS
Executive Director

Kay’s love affair started with horses as a very young child aided by her grandfather, father & mother that blossomed through hard work through her teens as a pleasure rider, pony clubber and competitor in Dressage and Eventing which took a turn to the horse racing industry of Standardbreds and Thoroughbreds. She went on to develop her career in horses while simultaneously raising 2 children and putting herself through college gaining degrees in athletics, recreation and physical therapy  not realizing that further in her life all that she worked for would culminate in one mission; STEP.  Kay is a graduate of Russell Sage College and works in private practice.  She is a Multiple Scleroses Board certified specialist, McKensie Spine specialist, American Hippotherapy Association certified instructor and holds multiple accreditations in physical therapy and horse related fields. A founding member of ENYDCTA and program public relations director, she has made her mark in the equine and rehabilitation world. Kay has dedicated her life to research and education to support the efficacy of Equine assisted movement in therapy Equine animal husbandry and Humane Education.

Barn Staff

Karen Stanley White, PT MSCS AHA-Master Instructor

Marie VandenBurgh-PATH/CTRI Instructor

Francesca Butler - PATH/ ESML Instructor

Jennifer Diserbo- PATH/ CTRI Instructor

Erica Stockman - Assistant Instructor CIT/Barn manager

Janis Lumley- PT-Physical Therapist Instructor

Janet Garry - Barn Staff Volunteer Coordinator 

Administrative Staff

Karen Stanley-White, P.T. MSCS

    Executive Director
Marie Van Denburgh– Treasurer 
Pat Wright– Volunteer Coordinator

Janet Gary-Assistant Vol Coordinator /Barn Mom
Kay White – Facebook Administrator

Board of Directors

Karen Stanley-White, PT MSCS

    Executive Director
Marie VanDenburgh – Treasurer 

Pat Wright- Recording secretary 

Patricia Bianchi

Barbara Murray

Kate Bishop

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